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The Center
for Citizenship Education (CCE)

We are a Polish non-governmental organization committed to supporting schools. Our mission is to provide them with inspiration to adopt innovative teaching methods and introduce significant social issues to their work with youth. 


Our initiatives include:
– educational programs for teachers and headteachers, aimed at addressing current challenges,
– workshops for school boards, student councils and headteachers, to develop new skills,
– an accredited center for teaching excellence,
– an educational publishing house.


We are the largest educational NGO in Poland, operating independently as a public benefit organization under Polish law.


Since we were founded in 1994, we have been repeatedly awarded for our activities and achievements, including the honorary badge „For Merits to Education” of the Ministry of National Education and the title „Pro Publico Bono Institution”.

We provide inspiration to schools in their efforts to teach effectively, develop young people’s understanding of the world and foster students’ social agency.

Our mission


We support all students in gaining valuable school experiences. We cooperate with teachers, headteachers, as well as children and young people, because we believe that education needs change.


We would like mutual respect and partnership to be present in all schools and for adults to perceive and appreciate young people’s natural desire to learn.


Through our programs, we help schools become a place of shared learning, illustrating the power of civic participation and solidarity. We support schools in adopting practices that help young people find their life purpose, develop their passions, openness and a sense of responsibility for the world we live in.


Foundation Center for Citizenship Education

Warsaw, Poland

Noakowskiego 10 st.

00-666 Warsaw

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phone: 22 622 00 89




cooperate with us!
It is already one in three schools in Poland.



with experience
of working in schools
create our programmes.


teachers and headteachers

we train every year.



teachers confirm that relationship with their students has improved as a result of our programs.

Our areas of activity

Programs that encourage male and female students to embrace the practices of volunteerism, self-governance and entrepreneurship at school and in the community. These programs are: „School of Democracy,” „Youth in Action,” „Young Entrepreneurs,” and „Volunteerism at School.”

Programs in which schools introduce activating teaching methods and formative assessment, and develop cooperation between teachers, changing the culture of work at schools. These programs are „Learning School” and „School for the Innovator.”

Cultural and media education programs, in which we support teachers in developing critical thinking among young people. We also encourage conscious participation in cultural events and creation of cultural projects. These programs are: „School of Creative Practices,” and „Night of Libraries.”

Programs that help build good relationships in the classroom based on respect for diversity and help teachers address difficult topics with young people. These programs are: „Inclusion is the Key” and „The School of Openness.”  

Programs that explain the world of local, national and European politics to young people and encourage them to become involved in public life. These programs are „Youth Vote” and „I Teach History and the Present.”

Global and environmental education programs that explain to young people how the present world works, how to responsibly care for it, the environment and each other. These programs are: „Global School” and „Ecological School.”

Our vision of school


It equally builds the subjectivity of female and male students, provides knowledge and develops competences.


It takes into account the whole school experience and cares about the wellbeing of the headteacher, the teacher and the student.


It relies on students’ natural curiosity, interests and deep learning rather than mechanical memorization and reproduction.  


It also teaches through questioning and action, particularly through participation in educational projects.


It listens to and amplifies the voices of male and female students. It builds their social engagement and civic responsibility.  


It treats exams as a summary of young people’s achievements, rather than as a sense of its functioning.  


It uses assessment instead of punishment and reward to support learning.  


It works effectively, thanks to the competence, commitment and professionalism of headteachers and teachers. It gives them confidence and flexibility.  

Our partners

Our partners include the Polish-American Freedom Foundation, Poland’s Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, the European Commission, Google, ING Bank Śląski, mBank, Cartoon Network, Credit Suisse.

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